AMP: Hylux A2088

$115.00 CAD

Note: These are the non-canbus version Hylux ballasts, if you need Canbus use 2A88 version found HERE. WHAT'S INCLUDED BALLASTS: 2x Hylux A2088 35W WARRANTY: 3 Years 100-guarantee-seal-1 product-tag4 ssl-secure]]>

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RIVALED: A long standing debate in the automotive aftermarket…Morimoto or Hylux ballasts? Often regarded as the “other” great in the HID lighting industry; Hylux has been building reputable parts for about as long as we can remember. STANDARDS: The Hylux A2088 ballasts produce an industry-standard 35w of power which typically provides around 3200 lumens on a quality 4300K Bulb. They will accept a 9-16V range for input and will power all HID bulbs with industry-standard AMP connectors. CONVENIENT: They are compact and can fit most anywhere under the hood. No need to worry about moisture intrusion, as their shell is completely water resistant and the circuitry inside is protected by potting. POWERFUL: Their powerful igniters are also capable of quick re-strikes without fail. Well designed circuitry and igniter setup results in a relatively fast warm up time for the HID bulbs when powered by a Hylux ballast, but without requiring much power. BACKED: By a full Three-Year warranty from the manufacturer, you know they’re putting their money where their mouth is. If these ballasts fail under warranty, you’re covered! COMPATIBILITY HID BULBS: Any with “AMP” style inputs VEHICLES: All with 9-16V electrical systems CANBUS SYSTEMS: Use 2A88 Ballasts found HERE TECH SPECS OUTPUT: 35w IGNITION VOLTAGE: 23KV INPUT VOLTAGE: 9-16V DC INPUT CURRENT: <4.5A @ 12V DC CLIMATE RANGE: -40C to +85C RATED LIFESPAN: 2000 hours (3-5 years)]]>

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