Interior: White

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100% Plug-n-Play cool white 6000K LED bulbs for your vehicles interior lighting! Cheap and effective way to brighten up the interior of your vehicle at night.

What’s Included
Bulbs: 2x Standard-Series LED (of your size choice)
Color: 6000K (Cool White)
Warranty: 1 Year

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Engineered: pure white SMD LED chips mounted on pcb board and ready for 12VDC power found in all automotive vehicles.

Modern LED Appearance: Easily transform the interior lighting of any vehicle with these pure white LED bulbs to bright, luxury LED lighting.

Direct Replacement: for any incandescent automotive bulbs.

Easy Installation: 100% plug-and-play, just replace the factory bulb with this LED bulb.

Available Bulb Sizes:
– T10 Wedge (5×5050 SMD, 78 Lumens each)
– T5 Mini Wedge (1×5050 SMD, 16 Lumens each)
– BA9S Twist (5×5050 SMD, 78 Lumens each)
– 6614F Fuse (3×5050 SMD, 48 Lumens each)
– 29mm Festoon (6×5050 SMD, 94 Lumens each)
– 31mm Festoon (6×5050 SMD, 94 Lumens each)
– 36mm Festoon (6×5050 SMD, 94 Lumens each)
– 39mm Festoon (9×5050 SMD, 110 Lumens each)
– 42mm Festoon (8×5050 SMD, 104 Lumens each)
– 44mm Loop (12×3030 SMD, 115 Lumens each)