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Winnipeg HID PerfectBeam LED Headlight Kits

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Winnipeg HID’s newest & brightest LED headlight kits! Engineered to perfection with six Luxeon ZES LED chips positioned as tight together as physically possible to properly mimic a halogen filament resulting in a crisp & brighter beam pattern than ever possible with the factory halogen bulbs.

What's Included
LED Bulbs: 2x PerfectBeam LED Headlight Bulbs
LED Drivers: 2x PerfectBeam LED Drivers
Optional Anti-Flicker Modules: 2x PerfectBeam Anti-Flicker Modules
Warranty: 2 years

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PerfectBeam Design As the name states, these LED kits are the best in the industry when it comes to a proper beam pattern. Don’t be fooled by other LED headlight kits you see on the market with large LED chips boasting unrealistic light output numbers, without the proper LED design to utilize the halogen optics the headlights was originally designed for it’ll just be wasted light that will never hit the road. Be assured that when you install these LED headlights into your vehicle you’re getting the best possible beam pattern from an LED bulb.

Color Crisp, cool white 6500K color temperature for a very modern looking light appearance at night.

Light Output Rated at 4000 lumens they produce about peak 1500 lux focus in most applications with a 150% increase in lux over most halogen bulbs.

Cooling The high output Luxeon ZES LEDs are cooled with 4 large braided copper loops. No bulky/noisy fan like you’d see on other LED kits. Much more compact cooling design allowing it to fit in tighter areas and don’t have to worry about a fan failure overheating the LED chips.

Plug-n-Play Installation No modification is necessary to install the LED bulbs and wiring. The LED drivers are small enough that they can fit inside most headlight housings behind the dust cap so no holes are drilled either. Zip ties and double sided tape are included in the kit to mount the drivers on the outside of the headlights if the bulbs are installed externally.

Applications Can be installed in low beams, high beams, fog lights and DRL locations with appropriate bulb type and space allowance for LED cooling fins and drivers.

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H7, H11/H9/H8, 5202, 9005/H10/9145, 9006, 9012, H4/9003, H13/9008, 9007/9004


No Thanks, Pair: Anti-Flicker Modules


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