Do It Yourself Projects!

Easy as 1-2-3 Projector Retrofitting can be done at home with the right tools and educational resources. The Right Support Winnipeg HID teamed up with the most professional retrofitting companies and suppliers in North America to provide the best products and resources to help guide you through your own retrofit project step-by-step. Be sure to check out the “DIY Resources” … Read More

Installing HIDs Properly!

The HID Revolution is here… Projector retrofitting is the newest and safest way to upgrade to HIDs in your vehicle. HID projectors provide an intense, controlled beam pattern on the road with a sharp cutoff line that can be easily aimed below other drivers eye level. Projector Retrofitting Benefits: – Improved Visibility – Improved Safety – Improved Vehicle Value Browse … Read More

Turning Dreams Into Reality!

This is Just the Beginning… We have been working hard to make our dream of becoming Canada’s #1 source for retrofitting products and resources a reality! Meeting with the most reputable businesses in the industry, sourcing the highest quality products, providing clear and important information to our customers and insuring the highest standard of service. To read more about our … Read More