Diode Dynamics Stage Series 3″ SAE/DOT Type A Fog Light Kit

$378.00$837.00 CAD

Advanced TIR optics provide high efficiency and focus
SAE-compliant road-legal output
Includes round bezel, for factory-style appearance
Plug and play, no modification needed
Durable powdercoated aluminum extrusion
Engineered and Manufactured in USA

What’s Included:
Two (2) SS3 3” Round LED Pods
Two (2) H11 DT Adapters
Mounting brackets and hardware
Quantity: Pair (Left and Right Side)
Two (2) M6 Hex Screws, for main mounting point
Two (2) M5 Hex Screws, for rear mounting point
Warranty: 8 years

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Overview. Upgrade your fog lights with our SS3 Type A Fog Light Bracket Kit! Featuring higher output intensity than any other 3” light on the market, these LED pods have been designed for maximum functionality, with custom-engineered TIR optics shining in highly useful beam patterns, all in a durable package. With the included round bezel, the SS3 Fog Kit has a clean, factory-style appearance, only much brighter!

Plug and Play. Thanks to custom-molded brackets, the SS3 Fog Light Bracket Kit can be installed on your in minutes. Simply remove your factory fog light assembly and ours will bolt right in its place! Wire adapters are included to connect the lights to your factory bulb sockets – no additional wiring needed!

Focused. Traditional optics like reflectors or simple lenses lose light internally and to glare, so not all of the light shines on target. Instead, the custom-engineered TIR optic in the SS3 collects all of the light from the LED, and directs it only where you need it, drastically reducing glare and improving total efficiency. Click here to learn more: Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Optics | Stage Series Video.

From there, while other options on the market lose as much as 10% of the light output shining through an outer lens, the custom-molded TIR optic in the SS3 serves as both the optic and main lens for greater efficiency and light output. Thanks to this innovative feature, when coupled with high-intensity LED chips, the total intensity of the SS3 is much greater than other LED pods using basic optics or reflectors with a standard outer lens.

SAE Compliant. All Stage Series beam pattern options were designed with optical simulation modeling, to shape the output in a highly-functional beam pattern.

SAE Driving is designed to supplement your high beams, but it’s great for general illumination as well. Rather than a traditional “spot” pattern, the Stage Series Driving pattern shines in an 18×8 degree spread, providing just enough width to fully illuminate the road ahead at high speeds.

SAE Fog provides an extremely wide field of view, with high-intensity output over an entire 80-degree spread. It serves as a great upgrade for any factory foglamp, and will fully illuminate the area in front of your vehicle. Choose your output color of cool white or yellow, which is often said to help cut through inclement weather.

When installed as a pair and aimed in accordance with your state’s regulations, the Driving White pattern meets SAE J581 standard as a Driving/Auxiliary High Beam Light, and the Fog pattern meets SAE J583 standard as a Foglamp, for legal on-road use. Please check your local laws and regulations for aiming, installation, and applicability.

White or Yellow. All Stage Series LED pods are available in a cool white or selective yellow color. The white is a 6000K color temperature, which is a true white output, without any blue, and matches most factory LED lighting. The selective yellow is a 3000K color temperature, great for high contrast in poor weather or a distinctive look on the road.

Sport, Pro, or Max. Stage Series LED pods are available at three different power levels. All options use high-intensity LED emitters, and TIR optics for unmatched focus and overall output. The Sport model uses high-intensity LEDs, and is the best bang for the buck you’ll find. The Pro model steps things up in a big way, with double the total power. Finally, the Max model is designed with cutting-edge automotive emitters, for both high power and extreme intensity. This brand new technology comes at a cost, but if you’re looking for the absolute best in lighting performance, the SS3 Max is the answer. Click the Specifications tab to see more information or click here.

Proven Reliability. Stage Series LED lighting has been extensively tested for long-term operation from -40 to 185 degrees F, along with vibration, moisture intrusion, and corrosion testing. All of these tests are completed to SAE standards, just like factory components. They’ve also been put to the test on-road by racers and enthusiasts alike.

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is one of the most trusted names in automotive LED lighting. We directly manufacture and engineer our own products in the United States, allowing for higher quality and performance, with the newest and brightest LED technology. No matter what you’re driving, we pride ourselves in offering only the best possible LED solutions. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss your lighting project!

These foglamps are a direct swap for many vehicles – see full list of known fitments below.

2013-2017 Acura ILX
2010-2018 Acura RDX
2012-2014 Acura TL
2011-2013 Acura TSX
2019 Ram 1500
2013-2016 Ford C-Max
2012-2015 Ford Explorer
2014-2017 Ford Fiesta ST
2009-2014 Ford Focus
2005-2007 Ford Freestyle
2013-2016 Ford Fusion
2006-2009 Ford Mustang
2015-2017 Ford Mustang
2005-2007 Ford Ranger
2008-2009 Ford Taurus X
2010-2018 Ford Transit Connect
2012-2016 Fiat 500
2013-2015 Honda Accord
2016-2019 Honda Civic
2013-2015 Honda Civic Si Sedan
2013-2015 Honda Crosstour
2012-2014 Honda CR-V
2013-2016 Honda CR-Z
2010-2014 Honda Insight
2012-2015 Honda Pilot
2009-2014 Nissan Frontier
2011-2014 Nissan Juke
2007-2012 Nissan Sentra
2016-2019 Nissan Titan
2005-2013 Nissan Xterra
2013-2016 Scion FR-S
2013-2017 Subaru BRZ
2013-2019 Subaru Crosstrek
2014-2019 Subaru Forester
2012-2014 Subaru Impreza
2015-2019 Subaru Impreza (w/ Eyesight Package)
2010-2014 Subaru Legacy
2010-2012 Subaru Outback
2015-2017 Subaru WRX STi
2015-2019 Subaru WRX