Sealed5: Morimoto Bi-LED Headlight (5×7)

$369.00 CAD

Sealed Beam Standards: H5054, H6054, HP6054
Input Wiring: H4 3-pin (low/high/ground)
Additional Pinout: Yellow – Turn Signal, White – DRL, White/Blue – Parking Light
Note: Some fitments may require modifying the original headlight bucket to accommodate the heat sink of the Sealed5

Headlight: 1x Sealed5 Bi-LED Headlight
Wiring: H4 Male Input, T-Taps for DRL
Warranty: 5 years

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Introducing the Morimoto Sealed5 LED headlights, a groundbreaking solution for 5×7″ Sealed Beam LED enthusiasts. These headlights are a game-changer in the market, offering an all-new, original design that outshines the competition. Powered by top-quality LEDs from Nichia-Japan and Philips-Lumileds, the Sealed5 delivers impressive illumination with 2400 lumens in low beam mode and a whopping 4300 lumens in high beam mode, thanks to its advanced Kuria Optic projector lens array. The quad-optic setup provides versatile functionality, including high-intensity white daytime running lights, low-intensity white parking lights, and high-intensity amber turn signals with a convenient switchback feature. The UV-coated polycarbonate lens ensures long-lasting durability, and the heavy-duty die-cast housings double as efficient heat sinks. Designed to replace 5×7″ rectangular headlights, the Sealed5 is also cross-compatible with other common sizes like H5054, H6054, and HP6054, making it a versatile choice for classic cars and trucks. With plug-and-play H4 3-pin male inputs, installation is a breeze. Elevate your lighting game with the Morimoto Sealed5 for unparalleled performance and style.

Illumination: 2400 lumens in low beam, 4300 lumens in high beam.
Functionality: Versatile quad-optic setup for DRL, parking, and turn signals.
Durability: UV-coated lens, sturdy die-cast housings for long-lasting performance.
Compatibility: Fits 5×7″ and common sizes (H5054, H6054, HP6054).
Easy Install: Plug-and-play design with H4 3-pin male inputs.

Intensity: 2,400lm (Low), 4,300lm (High)
Power: 20w (Low), 35w (High)
Input: H4, T-Taps for DRL
Traffic Pattern: LHD Only
Material: Aluminum (Housing), Polycarbonate (Lens)
Light Source: Nichia NCSW170C 5000K (Pure White), Philips Luxeon 3535L