Sealed6: Morimoto Bi-LED Headlight (5.75″ Round)

$369.00 CAD

Sealed Beam Standards: H5001, H5006
Input Wiring: H4 3-pin (low/high/ground)

Headlight: 1x Sealed6 Bi-LED Headlight
Wiring: H4 Male Input, T-Taps for DRL
Warranty: 5 years

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Introducing the Morimoto Sealed6 LED headlights – a revolutionary addition to the 5.75″ round sealed Beam LED market. Morimoto has redefined the game with their all-new, proprietary design that sets them apart from the competition. In low beam mode, these headlights use Nichia NCSW170C Series LEDs paired with Morimoto’s advanced Kuria Optic projector lens array to efficiently deliver 2400 lumens with a properly LHD-stepped beam pattern. Switch to high beam, and the Sealed6 shines with an impressive 4300 lumens. Notable for their dual light-pipe DRL setup, these headlights feature both high-intensity white daytime running lights and low-intensity white parking lights. Their exceptional quality is evident in the use of high-quality LEDs from Nichia-Japan and Philips-Lumileds, ensuring longevity and performance. The Sealed6 headlights are designed to replace all 5.75″ round headlights, offering full low and high beam functionality. They come with H4 3-pin male inputs, making them plug-and-play compatible with most classic cars and trucks.

Illumination: 2400 lumens (low beam) and 4300 lumens (high beam) for superior visibility.
Optics: Kuria Optic projector lens ensures precise beam patterns.
DRL Lights: High-intensity daytime running lights and parking lights for safety.
Durability: UV-coated lens, robust housing with heat sink for longevity.
Easy Install: Plug-and-play H4 3-pin inputs for compatibility.

Intensity: 2,400lm (Low), 4,300lm (High)
Power: 20w (Low), 35w (High)
Input: H4, T-Taps for DRL
Input Voltage: 9-36V DC
Traffic Pattern: LHD Only
Material: Aluminum (Housing), Polycarbonate (Lens)
Light Source: Nichia NCSW170C 5000K (Pure White), Philips Luxeon 3535L