About Us

Our Story, Our Mission, Our Future

It all began by installing HID conversion kits for local customers who saw our ad on Kijiji. We were never truly satisfied with the light output, even though the customers we’re happy we knew there was more that can be done. Since we couldn’t find any information locally for better options I started researching retrofitting techniques pioneered by The Retrofit Source and began experimenting with retrofitting in a small garage here in Winnipeg.

Since then I have now grown the company into a highly respected, unique and specialized business to provide people with lighting upgrade options that were never even thought possible before. Innovation and only striving for the best products and service in the industry is what allowed me to really spread the word of what a real retrofitting company could offer and the local support from my Winnipeg customers has been amazing! Ever since then I’ve built Winnipeg HID to lead the pack in bringing the retrofitting industry into Canada.

For most consumers the term “HID” has been a grey area in the automotive industry for the past several years and has been flooded with low quality/high production products targeting vehicle owners looking to get “brighter headlights” for cheap. Most people are unaware of the dangers that arise when installing an HID bulb into a headlight that was originally intended for a halogen bulb. It’s not their fault though as many “aftermarket shops” and online retailers never actually say anything about what the HIDs they just bought will do to their cars headlights or other drivers on the road.

HIDs installed in halogen type headlights WILL cause excessive glare for other drivers on the road, retrofitting HID components inside the headlights solves this problem with proper optics designed for HID bulbs. Our passion for proper light output upgrades pushes us to only sell the highest quality retrofitting products backed with great warranty, expert product recommendations and installation advice.

A Word from Our Founder

As the retrofitting industry grows we will be on top of the newest and latest products that arise keeping up with the latest technology and expanding into our own line of unique lighting products. We are teamed up with the best retrofitting company’s in the industry and excited to see where it leads us. We would like to welcome you on our journey to introducing HID projector retrofitting to Canada and thank you for your support! Good luck on your next retrofit!

- Tom Groth

Retrofitting Products Now

Available in Canada

Retrofitting products, usually only available from across the border are now available in Canada. No more worrying about additional duty, taxes or shipping costs by ordering from the States! With the beginner bolt-on HID projector kits and all the DIY resources available there is no reason why anyone couldn’t have amazing HID projector headlights on their vehicle. Just say no to plug-n-play HIDs!