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Frequently Asked Questions

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellation Policies:

What is our return policy?
What is our exchange policy?
What is our refund policy?
What are the shipping costs on returns/exchanges?
How can I cancel or change my order before it ships?


Warranty Terms & Conditions:

What warranty do my products come with?
How do I warranty a product that is no longer available?
How do I get a replacement product for one that has failed within the warranty period?
Do I have to disable the product first to be eligible for a replacement to be sent out?
Who pays shipping for warranty replacement products?


Shipping Information:

Does Winnipeg HID offer shipping outside Canada?
What shipping options are available, how long will delivery take?
Where do the parts ship from?
How do I get my shipment insured for it's full value?
Will I get a tracking number with my order?


Payment Information:

What payment methods are accepted?
How can I place my order?
My order status says Flagged, what does that mean?


Promotional Conditions:

What is the coupon code policy?
What is the return policy on purchases made with coupon codes?


Terms & Conditions:


Privacy and Mailing List Policy:

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