LED Flasher: CF18 (LM449)

$25.00 CAD

Compatible with LED bulbs
Prevents hyperflash errors
Simple swap for original module
Direct fitment and proper sizing

Plug and play, direct fitment in your vehicle
Direct swap for your original flasher module

Recommended: Check the flasher module on your vehicle to verify fitment before ordering

What’s Included
LED Flasher Relay: 1x CF18/LM449 LED-compatible flasher relay module
Warranty: 3 year

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Hyperblink Fix. Why do you need this module? When your factory turn signal bulbs go out, your vehicle’s flasher senses that less power is being used, and it will blink the turn signals quickly to alert you. Since LED bulbs use less power, you get the same fast blinking, known as “hyperblinking,” even though the LEDs are functioning just fine. Basically, your car thinks the bulbs went out!

To slow down the blinking to regular speed, you can add resistors to increase the circuit’s power consumption again. However, whenever possible, replacing the flasher with a module like this is the easiest option. Simply unplug your original flasher from under the dash, and swap it with this one to prevent hyperblinking.

Quality. The flashers distributed by Diode Dynamics are produced by industry leaders such as Novita. Watch out for generic cheap flashers, as many are slightly too large and may not fit properly in the socket.