Strips: Diode Dynamics HD (Switchback)

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Diode Dynbamics HD switchback technology has proven to be one of the most dependent and brightest on the market! They include Multi-function PWM drivers that are fully waterproof and feature low power, high power and turn signal modes. The strips also have integrated mounting tabs for easy installation.


What's Included:
Strips: 1x HD Switchback LED Semi-flex
Drivers: 1x Waterproof HD Switchback
Wiring: 1x Driver pigtails and 4x T-tap connectors
Warranty: 3 years


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Introducing Diode Dynamics HDLED Semi-Flex Strips! The brightest, most uniform strips to hit the market!

HDHalo Technology: These standard-sized strips feature all the benefits of our exclusive HDHalo technology, including:
– Proprietary durable phosphor coating, to create uniform, solid appearance.
– Extremely bright, high-density LEDs that are visible even in direct sunlight.
– Multi-function PWM drivers, fully waterproof, featuring low power, high power, and turn signal modes.
– Integrated mounting tabs for easy installation.

Sizing: All sizes are listed by total length, in millimeters. Strips can be shortened by up to 20%, but no less! Width is 8mm, and total height is 4.5mm.

Wiring: All wires have a durable braided wire covering. The LED has a 20-inch wire with female JST type connector. This connector may be de-pinned in order to run wires through small holes during installation. Both the input and output wire on the driver are also 20 inches each. A pigtail is included that is also 20 inches, with male spade connectors on the end to connect to factory wiring with included T-taps. You will have plenty of room to run wires anywhere you’d like.

PWM Control: Aside from the high brightness and perfectly uniform output, one great feature of these strips is the PWM dimming control. The drivers have four wires, to be connected to any 12V signals as follows:

White: Low Power, 50% brightness
Red: High Power, 100% brightness
Amber: Signal
Black: Ground

The white and red wires both activate the main color, at different brightness levels. For switchback strips, this is 6000K white. Your order will ship by default with “low priority” drivers, meaning that if both wires are powered, low power will take priority. This is convenient for connecting the red wire to a parking light or DRL signal, for use during the day as a high-power DRL. Then, if the white wire is connected to the headlamp power, they will dim down at night. Of course, this is completely optional, and you can just use one of the input wires if you’d like.

The signal wire will output even higher power to the LED, so it cannot be run constantly, or the driver will overheat. It should only be connected to a turn signal. If you’d like amber for a running light, please select the single color amber strip.

For single colors, the same drivers are included, so you can operate the light with low power, high power, and as a turn signal that switches off and back on completely while blinking. If you are interested in solid red strips for tail light use, just email us to request “high priority” drivers after you place your order. With high priority drivers, you can use a red strip as running, brake, and turn signal, without any extra drivers or controllers needed!

Electrical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 9-16V
Input Power: Dependent on size, generally one watt per inch in “high power” mode
Total Light Output: Dependent on color and size. They’re bright! Please contact us for exact measured output figures.

Installation: If you are using these lights in headlights or tail lights, professional installation is strongly recommended, as lamps must be opened for installation. The strips must be custom-mounted in position using adhesive or beading wire using the integrated mounting tabs. If you wish, mounting tabs may be removed with a pair of clippers or basic sanding.

All Diode Dynamics products are backed by a 3-year replacement warranty.