Mini Gatling Gun

$25.00 CAD

The Mini Gatling Gun is a smaller version of the popular Gatling Gun design, made for use exclusively with the Morimoto Mini H1 bi-xenon projectors included the new 7.0 Mini H1 projectors. Perfect shrouds for those tight headlight housings where a larger shroud wouldn't fit.

What's Included
Pair: Mini Gatling Gun Shrouds

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We’ve updated them to use a more high temperature plastic that’s guaranteed to last forever, withstanding the high temperatures from the HID’s in these small projectors.

One of the easiest shrouds to mount to a Mini with their four mounting posts inside, they’ll just screw on using the holes in the body of the projector. (*screws included when purchased along with the H1 projectors)

Integrated vents around the front face light up using ambient light from the projector when the HID system is on. However, XB LED rings will not fit inside without modification due to the post-style mounts

Please note that trimming shrouds is a common task when retrofitting, but with the Mini Gatling’s tubular design, its unlikely that they will need any modification. If the H1 Bi-xenons fit, these should fit well too.

Morimoto Projectors: Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon
OEM Projectors:None
Lens Diameters: 2.5
Mounts with: Screws

Height: 90mm (3.6 inches)
Width: 90mm (3.6 inches)
Depth: 52mm (2.1 inches)

Recommended Halo Sizes
Front Face: 70mm