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Designed to cover the biggest of projectors, this two-piece shroud offers a design that's functional yet attractive. Inspired by the Porsche Panamera.

SHROUDS: 2x (One Pair) Panamera Projector Shrouds

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This shroud can swallow everything from a smaller Morimoto Mini to a larger FX-R bi-xenon, and can be trimmed down to fit in medium headlights, or left whole to fill out gigantic housings.

We have seen some great looking headlight retrofits using the Panameras. When the body is painted and the acrylic left clear, the result is a unique look that’s “just right” for us!

These shrouds have been designed to be “accent lighting” friendly, so you can mount XB LED halos inside to illuminate their vents, or just let the ambient light from inside the projector do the work!

Please note that trimming shrouds is a common task when retrofitting. Whether required to clear part of the projector or fit within the geometry of your headlight housing, it’s normal. Luckily, they’re made of plastic – making that easily possible.

Centric rings are not included by default, but are highly recommended to improve ease of installation on many projectors.

Morimoto: Mini H1, Mini D2S, FX-R, EvoX-R
OEM Units: All except TL, LS430, LS460, Q45
Lens Diameters: 2.5″ and 3″ Compatible
Mounts with: Centric Rings and/or JB Quik Weld

Height: 132mm (5.28 inches)
Width: 132mm (5.28 inches)
Depth: 73mm (2.9 inches)

Recommended Halo Sizes
Vent Size: 120mm
Front Face: 80mm