Molex High Beam Adapters

$17.00 CAD

Use these for easily connecting Morimoto 3Five bi-xenon HID bulbs (9007/9004, H4/9003 or H13/9008) molex male high beam inputs to the Morimoto Motocontrol relay harness 9006 female high beam outputs.

Adapters Harnesses: 9006 Male Molex Female (Pair)

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Double Standard: In the HID Headlight Retrofit world there are two standards for high beam outputs. “Molex” two pin connectors and 9006.

9006 Male & Molex Female: These will allow you to use Morimoto motocontrol bi-xenon relay harness with Morimoto 3Five bi-xenon HID bulbs (without retrofitting projectors, you do not need this adapter if you have retrofitted bi-xenon HID projectors)

Please Note: “Male” & “Female” refer to the metal pins inside the plastic housings, not the connector housings themselves.